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Responding to God

Our God is awesome! He is moving and growing the Kingdom here at Chapel Pointe and around the globe. Multiplication and transformation are happening and we are praising God for it. Yet, we all can see that the space available within our current footprint is at capacity–not just on Sunday but also during the week.

We believe our kids, students, young adults, and the larger church need more access to unapologetic, biblical teaching. No one should be turned away because we’ve run out of room.

Through a generous spirit and a full surrender to God, Barnabas encouraged the body of believers as they learned to embrace the movement of God. We want to be a church full of people just like Barnabas.

The Barnabas Project is a $15MM building expansion that will create additional classrooms for training, discipleship, and teaching, modify traffic flow to accommodate our growing attendance, as well as provide new space for counseling services and administrative offices.

“We’re experiencing a movement of God at Chapel Pointe. I know you’ve seen it and feel it, just as I see it and feel it. This building expansion project will create space for God to do even more of what He is already doing.”

Joel Wayne, Lead Pastor

Financial Goal

The leadership at CP has been seeking wisdom and praying earnestly to hear God’s will in this process. Our goal is to receive pledges over the next three years that pay for the full anticipated project cost of $15 million.

Partner in this movement:

  1.  Praise God for His blessings upon Chapel Pointe!
  2.  Pray about how you can join the movement.
  3.  Commit the amount God is calling you to contribute.