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How will this building project help us reach our community for Christ?

Chapel Pointe believes our kids, students, families, young adults, and the larger church need greater access to unapologetic, biblical teaching. The building expansion will create 39,000 square feet of new space as well as reallocate 5,600 square feet of existing space which will expand the availability of discipleship and support the growing needs of our community.

Why not expand the worship center?

God is moving and because of this, our church is growing. Praise God! The leadership of Chapel Pointe has asked and prayed about this question for the last two years. In our current season, we are discerning that God is asking us to focus on the spiritual breadth and depth of our community which is best served by adding counseling, teaching, administrative, and group gathering spaces. We commit to holding this project, and our growing church, loosely so that we can be responsive to the movement of God. 

Can I give to The Barnabas Project now?

Absolutely! A gift now would provide an even greater position of financial strength for Chapel Pointe as we seek to break ground in the Spring of 2023. We are hoping that many would pray about a one-time, year-end gift, in addition to making a commitment to The Barnabas Project for the next three years.

Whether you give online or by placing your gift in the offering boxes located within the Worship Center, please indicate that your gift should be directed to “The Barnabas Project.”


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What about our current building debt?

All glory to God, CP has operated in fiscal balance and strength for many years. With God’s help and your sacrificial giving, we will reach the goal of expanding our current facility and paying off the current $2.6 million in debt. It is our desire to be both good stewards of the resources God has given as well as committed to following God’s call for our church. 

How long is the commitment to this project?

We are asking each person to sacrificially give, above their regular tithe, to the project for the next three years. Lord willing, we hope to begin construction in the spring of 2023. 

What are the Movement Conversations? How can I attend?

Led by elders and staff, Movement Conversations are 60-minute events, occurring throughout October and November. These events provide opportunities to learn and share about the movement of God at CP and how leadership is responding. Anyone who calls Chapel Pointe their church home is invited to attend.

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What are different ways I can give?

First, we are asking you to give a sacrificial gift over and above your tithe for the next three years. Additionally, some may want to give personal assets to CP for this project. Our financial team is available to discuss gifts of stocks, bonds, and other assets at 616.662.8801. All gifts are tax-deductible.

Learn more about creative ways to give.

How can I help?

  • First and foremost, please pray that CP would continue to be passionately responding to God, rooted in prayer and the Bible and equipping disciples. And pray for the project, that we would honor God with every dollar pledged and brick laid.
  • Second, participate in the events and meetings that provide information and updates on the project. Talk with your small group and/or family about how you can join in.
  • And third, give sacrificially. The vision God has granted us can only be achieved through faith, partnership and sacrifice.


We are happy to help answer any questions you have. Send us an email at