Project Components

Chapel Pointe desires to multiply transformed followers of Jesus so we are expanding our physical footprint to create needed space for biblical training, teaching, counseling as well as both school and community engagement.

Administrative Spaces

Small conference rooms, team meeting space, shared and open offices, as well as flex workspace, will be added to accommodate our growing staff, the ministries we support, and our community. The new space will have room for more than 80 employees, interns, and residents, and feature the following:

  • 125 Person meeting room
  • 2 Additional meeting rooms/classrooms
  • Three, 14 person meeting room
  • 18 shared offices
  • Exec office suites
  • Open office/flex space
“We’re engaging with 120 college students/young adults on a weekly basis. The additional space would give us the ability to meet our young adults’ needs by affording them a space to study, a shared co-working space, and a common place to host and be hosted.”

Eric Palmer
College and Young Adult Director

Worship Center

By remodeling the design of our worship center, we will provide additional opportunities for more people to hear the good news of the gospel at our Hudsonville location. This reconfiguration will add roughly 350 additional seats and include other modifications to solidify the venue as a dedicated worship space. We are passionate about Kingdom expansion, and this adjustment will allow more people to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus.

Classroom Spaces

Ensuring room for growing programs so that all cpKids and cpStudents have access to biblical teaching and discipleship on Sunday mornings as well as throughout the week. This includes providing 4-5 additional classrooms for cpKids and establishing 2,500 sq ft of dedicated space for cpKids, cpStudents and Young Adults.

“cpStudents has never had a space that we can call our own. We have needed to set up and tear down spaces for youth ministry every week.”

Brian Ball
Family Ministries Team Lead

“God has allowed us to walk alongside individuals, couples, and families in love and wisdom as they encounter various struggles and pains in life. Additional space would mean additional opportunities to share the message of hope and help that is only truly offered through the gospel of Jesus Christ according to Scripture.”

Andy Woodall
Marriage and Counseling

Dedicated Counseling Space

By reconfiguring 1,575 sq feet of existing space, we will create offices and a separate entrance for a dedicated biblical counseling space to serve individuals, couples, and families. We have a passion to provide our community with help through life’s struggles and pivotal moments with the Word of God by offering biblically trained counseling services.

Commitment Card

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3350 Baldwin St.
Hudsonville, MI 49426